East Allegheny/Fineview

We began our hike in East Park, or is it North Park? Those parks
that surround Allegheny Center. It was a fine day for taking in a
Pirates game and walking little dogs.
Fineview not only has some fine views, it has some fine paint jobs
on its steps. Each staircase we walked had different-colored
Fineview has its share of older homes, some of which have been
nicely preserved.
Told you it was old.
Despite how secluded the neighborhood seems, enough people
obviously noticed the spectacular view from Catoma Street to warrant
building an overlook.
The best thing about the overlook is that it’s also a great place
to take in a ballgame!
New houses were going up in a section of Fineview called Nunnery
Hill, although that project stalled.
A dome resembling the mother ship appears, and Sean is drawn to
We work our way down Television Hill, where Channel 11 has its
We descend some scary steps on Rising Main Avenue. At the bottom,
we walk along the deserted Howard Street. Its most prominent features
now are piles of asphalt and tires stored there by the Public Works
department. But you can still see evidence of the houses that lined
the street years ago.
Howard Street runs parallel to Interstate 279. If you’re strolling
along Howard and feel like taking a detour into Spring Hill, you can!
There’s a pedestrian bridge over the highway.
Some of the best views of the city are on steps… if you can find
your way through the vegetation. These steps were unusual in that
they went up and down, not just from a high spot to a low spot.
Alina Keebler (mother of Urban Hike organizer Emily Keebler) shows
a house in East Allegheny that’s being restored to its original
We cross East Ohio Street and walk around the Priory, a
carefully-restored bed and breakfast. A staff member who happened to
be in the Blumengarten stopped to talk to us.
The walking part of the walk is over. Now it’s time to unwind at
PNC Park and see the Pirates win! Or, at least, unwind.
Mark decides that as long as it’s a sticky day, why not eat
something sticky? But Sean disapproves.

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