Downtown Bridges

Boulevard of the  Allies over Second Avenue
Constructed 1921

Duquesne University pedestrian bridge over Boulevard
No information available

10th Street
Officially named:Philip Murray Bridge, after first president of the United Steelworkers of America
1933, George S. Richardson
Longest span on the Monongahela River

Liberty Bridge
1928, George S. Richardson
Liberty Tunnels completed 4 years before the bridge. Allowed for a direct connection between Downtown and the southern suburbs

Panhandle Bridge / Monongahela River Bridge
Panhandle Route passenger, mail and express trains. Later Amtrak until the 1970s. Now Port Authority T.

Smithfield Street Bridge
1883, Gustav Lindenthal (Also built Hells Gate, New York, Seventh Street Bridge)
Oldest river bridge in Allegheny County. Previous bridge by John A. Roebling (Brooklyn Bridge), same piers used. Carried streetcars until Panhandle Bridge opened in 1985.

1904, George T. Barnsley, removed 1948
Connected originally to the Wabash Tunnel, used exclusively for railroad traffic. Somewhat “cursed.” Replacement bridge to open in the mid 1990s but never realized.

Fort Pitt
1959,George S. Richardson
Bowstring arch (tied arch) design. Opened for traffic 15 months before Fort Pitt Tunnels

Point Bridge and Manchester Bridge
Point Bridge: 1928 – 1959. Closed the day the Fort Pitt bridge opened, not dismantled until 1970.
Manchester Bridge: 1915 – 1969. (other name: North Side Point Bridge) Closed the day the Fort Duquesne Bridge opened. Mr Rogers Memorial

Point State Park Portal Bridge
1963, Charles and Edward Stotz.
Three-hinged arch to carry traffic between Fort Pitt and Fort Duquesne bridges, keeping a view open through to the park. Less than 3 feet thick at the crest. “The portal had an interior hollow shell with three curved vaults, each 160 feet long, arching across and between four heavily reinforced ribs 40 feet apart, the ribs taking part in the overall arch action.

Fort Duquesne
Northeastern span did not connect to the East Street Valley Expressway (I-279) until 1986. Bent-leg piers instead of hammerhead supports.

Roberto Clemente Bridge / Sixth Street
1928, Vernon R. Covell chief engineer
Self-anchored suspension bridge in the US. Replaced another bridge by Roebling

Andy Warhol Bridge / Seventh Street
1926,Vernon R. Covell chief engineer
Self-anchored suspension bridge. Replaced a bridge designed by Lindenthal.

Rachel Carson / Eighth Street
1928, Vernon R. Covell chief engineer
Named for Rachel Carson on Earth Day in 2006.

Fort Wayne Railroad Bridge
1904. Bridge No 1.
Former site of Allegheny Aqueduct (Roebling). Deck raised in 1918, concrete atop old stone piers. Lower level tracks were removed in 1950, only top tracks are used now.

Bridge of Sighs
1888, Henry Hobson Richardson
Modeled after Bridge of Sighs in Venice. Can be crossed during Pittsburgh History and Landmarks tour.

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