The hike began outside of the Carnegie Library in Braddock (419 Library St., Braddock, 15104), which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
For more information on the library, check out:
Views of the Edgar Thomson Steel Works from Braddock Ave. …
… and from across the Monongahela River.
Larry, a member of the Edgar Thomson Steel Works union for the past 31 years,
told the hikers about the history of the plant.
Lock & Dam No. 2
This CSO, or Combined Sewer Overflow, is the only water-access point in Braddock.
Due to lack of other options, many Braddock residents come to this area
to fish or dock their boats despite the poor water quality.
A hiker looks into what was formerly Alexander’s Supermarket on Braddock Avenue. Buildings disappear in the night (January 12, 2005
During Braddock’s height, Braddock Avenue was a thriving shopping district.
Today, many of the buildings in the Braddock business district have
been torn down or are vacant.
Bell’s Market at 603 S. Braddock Ave. is still well known for its butchered meats by
residents and restaurateurs alike.
Hikers look upon an open field which used to contain the Carrie Furnace Plant. The Carrie Furnace property straddles two municipalities: Swissvale and Rankin.
The county and developers are currently investigating the possibility of turning what’s left of the furnace into a steel heritage museum or, alternately, a new office park.
Along the route in North Braddock, a young girl and her mother greeted hikers with a small stand that sold drinks and snacks.
This historical marker describes a pivotal battle of the French and Inidan War which
took place in Braddock
, in which General Braddock and his army were
The Schwab House, along Jones Avenue in North Braddock, is probably one of the
grandest homes in North Braddock.
The former First Presbyterian Church at 418 Library Street is now owned by
Braddock Redux, a project of Braddock resident John Fetterman.
Within a few blocks of both the Braddock Library and the local elementary school, Fetterman believes the former church is an ideal location for a community center. Hikers were able to view the plans which John has had drawn up for the building. Unfortunately, the plans have yet to be realized due to a dearth of donors or
investors for this project.

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