Shuffle off to Charleroi, August 12

7 08 2017

Charleroi, PA is a small town along the Mononaghelia River in Washington County. The community has a rich history and we will only be scraping the surface during the hike. There will be a couple of steep hills that we will be climbing, so the difficulty of the hike could be rated as medium.

The starting location is Perked Up Cafe, 530 McKean Ave, so you will be able to get a coffee/tea or a snack before we start the hike. We shove off at 10:30am, rain or shine, on the approximately 3.2 mile route.

Lunch options:
Come hungry! Support local businessses! (Detailed list coming soon)

Please park in the large lot right off of Fifth Avenue where a business plaza is located. There will be plenty of free spaces.

It is about a 45 minute drive from Pittsburgh. The most convienent way to get to Charleroi from Pittsburgh is to use Mon Fayette Expressway 43 (make sure to bring toll fares). For those who want to explore a new transit company, the Mid Mon Valley Transit Authority has buses that go from Pittsburgh to Charleroi. Expect the trip to last an hour and half.



4 responses

7 08 2017
Marylou Gramm

When is the hike? Day and time?

7 08 2017

Saturday, August 12 @ 10:30am.

7 08 2017
Martha Raak

What is the date?

7 08 2017

Saturday, August 12 @ 10:30am.

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