West View Urban Hike is July 27th

24 07 2013

Join us this Saturday at 10:00 a.m. as Urban Hike heads north to West View (hey, it’s west of something, right?)

We’ll take in residential streets, pleasant valley views, and at least one cool old church. This will be a longer hike — almost 5 miles. Wear comfortable shoes, bring water, and be ready for a workout — this hike’s got plenty of hills and a couple sets of steps along the way.


We hope to finish in about two and a half hours. Right near the end of the hike we’ll visit a wacky pinball warehouse — if you’d like to stay and play, bring $5.00. We’ll then conclude the hike right down the street at an ol’time I.s.a.l.y.’s diner. (Meet here for the hike start too.) Yinz want some chipped chopped ham?

For parking, there’s a lot behind the businesses on 19 as you head north (look for the green P sign). There are also options south from our starting point and along Center Ave. All-in-all, there is quite a lot of parking available, so you’ll find something. Signs say it’s a two-hour limit, but they don’t enforce on Saturday — we asked!

See you Saturday!



4 responses

25 07 2013

Where are we meeting, exactly?

25 07 2013

We’re starting and ending in front of Isaly’s!

25 07 2013
joel platt

Can you send an address for the start so I can use Google Maps for directions! Joel Platt

26 07 2013

There is a link to Google Maps in the hike description above. Just click on the word “I.s.a.l.y.’s”.

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