Short, sweet, and steep! Urban Hike visits Garfield

22 04 2013

Ready for the first hike of the year? In case you haven’t yet guessed our destination from the comic strip in the post below, Urban Hike is heading to Garfield! It’ll be a short, sweet, and steep hike — around three miles in total.

We’ll begin at Artisan Tattoo / Gallery at 5001 Penn Avenue at noon. From there we’ll walk up and down the hills of Garfield, and take in some lesser-known vantage points. Following the hike, we encourage you to join us for a buffet at People’s Indian Restaurant. We expect the hike to take around two hours, followed by an hour lunch or so.

As always, folks of all ages are welcome. There will be some step climbing and unpaved trail walking, so pushing a stroller for younger kids could get a bit difficult. If you have any other questions, post a note on our facebook page, or drop us a line at

We’ll see you this Saturday at 12:00 p.m. — rain or shine!

Penn Ave.



2 responses

23 04 2013

Great, but what time? -Joel

23 04 2013

Start at noon. The time is listed in the announcement, but I can see that the word noon gets a bit buried next to the starting address link. I’ll fix the post to make it easier to see.

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