Sharpsburg surprises again!

23 09 2011

Urban Hike seeks out the unexpected in each place we visit, so we’ve seen it all — castles in Wilmerding, boxing rings in former fire stations in Spring Garden, and secret societies in Swissvale. But, Sharpsburg really packs the surprises into its less than one square mile of surface area. If we say any more we’ll ruin the fun, so just come on down and make sure you leave those old, stretched out socks at home because Sharpsburg will knock those off before we round the first bend!In addition to your newest stockings, we recommend you wear comfortable shoes and bring a water bottle and some sunscreen.

Dogs are welcome, but be warned that this hike will include a few awesome indoor attractions.

The terrain is relatively flat and there aren’t any city steps on this hike, so feel free to bring the buggy.

Any questions? Contact us at

We’ll be hiking right through lunch time, so we hope you’ll stick around for some food or drinks at Silky’s Crows Nest at the end. If the weather is nice, they’ve promised to save us some of their deck seating with river views. They have asked that we get one check per table, so please bring cash or a generous attitude! (Hike will end around 12:30, so plan to stay later if you want to eat.)

Directions – Car
We haven’t been able to find a good address for the Crows Nest, but directions are simple. Get yourself to Sharpsburg (it’s between the 62nd Street Bridge and the Highland Park Bridge on the north side of the Allegheny River) and you’ll surely find yourself on the accurately named Main Street. Cross streets are numbered, so just head for 19th (low numbers in the west and high in the east) and then turn towards the river. You’ll go through an underpass and when you come out, surprise!, there’s the Crows Nest.

Directions – Bus
Sharpsburg has two buses that run fairly frequently on Saturdays (rather unusual for such a small town, eh? ;> ) – the 1 Freeport Rd and the 91 Butler Street. Get off on Main Street at 19th Street and head towards the river.

When: Saturday, September 24 · 10:00am – 12:30pm
Where: Crow’s Nest,19th & River Road
What: Urban Hike in Sharpsburg
Who: Everyone, Anyone



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